sample-conditioning-system  download

  • Custom designed sample conditioning system
  • Application specific principle of Analysis
  • Infrared & Electrochemical detector for CO and
  • C02 & NOx, HC.
  • Electrochemical/paramagnetic or zirconia detector for 0
  • Hydrocarbons & Hydrogen
  • Heated stack mounted filter optional
  • Automatic calibration
  • Built in printer. (Optional)
  • Multipoint sampling system. (Optional)
  • RS-232/485 output for data. logging and further analysis.(Optional)
Measuring Gas & Range: Gas Ranges & Application dependent.
Display Digital Standard LED optional alphanumeric display
Power Supply 100-290VAC/47-63HZ
Ambient Temp 0-50° C
Enclosure Aluminium casing (power coated) for indoor application
Mounting Standard: 19" Rackmounted
Optional Flush on Panel/Tabletop
Warm uptime: Analysis Detectordependent
Output(Optional) 4-20mA
Alarms Two Level (selectable range)
Sample Gas condition Temp:0-50°C, Pressure: Lessthan 1.5Kg/cm, The gas should be dry& clean. Other than this suitable sample, Conditioning system isrequired.
Calibration Manual, On command in microprocessor based system.