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Simple to operate, this self contained relative Humidity meter is convenient, easy to use & dependable. It is accurate enough for use as a reference reading in the laboratory.

  • Spot Checking Humidity & Temp
  • Quick Adjustment of Air conditioning & Heating Systems.
  • Checking Performance of Dryers.
  • Fully Interchangeable Sensor
  • Battery Powered Digital Readout.
  • 0-100 % RH Range & - 40 C to +125 C Temp.
  • Long Life CMOS IC Sensor.
  • Maintenance Free Washable Sensor..
  • Low Battery Indication.
  • No Field calibration Required.
  • Recall Feature.

ENDEE Model HTM 06 is a unique minituarised portable RH & Temp. meter accurate enough for use in the laboratory as a reference reading. Advanced digital technology Provides all inclusive accuracy specification & reliability that require no field calibration Its well proven capacitive CMOS IC sensor technology offer exceptional resistance to comman contaminants like organic solvents.

Overall Ranges 0 - 100 % RH
Sampling Method Diffusion (D) orSuction (S)
Temp. -20 to +125 deg.C
Minimum Resolution 0.1 % & 0.1 Deg.C
Indication Four digit LCD Display
Sensor Digital Capacitive Sensor & platinum thermo-resistance
Sensor Protection Sintered Filter
Calibration No calibration ever needed
Accuracy +/- 2% with Saturated Salt Calibration & +/-0.2 Deg.C
Operating Temp. 20 to 125 deg. C
Storage Temp. -20 to + 60 deg. C
Measuring Rate 2.5 Per second
Repeatabelity +/- 0.1% RH & deg.C
Hystersis +/- 1 % RH
Over range alarm Automatic
Power One 9V battery
Housing High Impact Plastic Housing
Dimensions 150 X 80 X 30 mm
Slandered Accessories Leather Case With Belt Loop & Battery