Model 94 Portable Gas Monitor
Model 94 Fixed Gas Monitors Fixed Gas Monitors
Model 94 Portable Gas Analyzer
Model 94 Gas Transmitter
Model 94 Thermography
For over 25 years Endee Engineers have been leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of Gas Analyzers, Gas Monitors, and Thermography Services for Plant and Personnel Safety and Quality Control Applicaions using 12 different Sensor Technologies to best fit the Instrument to the application
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Technology Used
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  • Solid State (Semi Conductor)
  • Electrochemical
  • Catalytic Pellister / Combustion
  • IR - NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared)
  • Thermal Conductivity)
  • Photo Ionization Dectector Capacitive
  • Thin Film Polymer (IC Capacitive)
  • Phosphorous Pentoxide
  • High Capacitance Aluminum Oxide
  • Zirconium Paramagnetic
  • UV - Ultraviolet
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    Our Strengths
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  • Over 200 years of combined expirence

  • Innovative designs and concepts

  • Stringent Quality Control system per Indian and International Standards

  • Effective networking enabling us to serve clients

  • Export to Middle East, South-East Asia and African

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    Partial Client
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  • Process Industries

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Thermal and Neculear Power Plants

  • Petrochemicals and Oil Refinaries

  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

  • Defense and Atomic Energy Laboratories

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